Scared Straight '99 is a documentary based on Scared Straight!. It takes place at the East Jersey State Prison. It aired on MTV on August 1, 1999.[1]


  • Executive Producer: Arnold Shapiro
  • Written & Directed by: Bob Niemack
  • Produced by: Lisa Higgins, Bob Niemack, Arnold Shapiro
  • Edited by: Charlton McMillan
  • Director of Photography: Edward Marritz
  • Field Producer: Kim Crabb
  • Production Consultant: Jean O'Neill
  • Narrated by: Chris Connelly
  • Additional Camera: Bob Achs, Kim Crabb, Bob Niemack
  • Audio: Mark Mandler, John Zecca
  • Post Production Supervisor: Dana C. Arnett
  • Assistant Editor: Larry Shiver
  • Business Administrator: Rickey Ackerman
  • Director of Communications: Janine Iamunno
  • Gaffer: Eric Neason
  • Grip: Kevin Hunt
  • Production Associates: Ryan Abbott, Reinaldo Lopez
  • Post Production Facilities: Four Media Company, Wild Woods
  • Special Thanks to: Sheri Bouldin, Wanda London, Bob Schoka, Jim Walters, New Jersey Department of Corrections Commissioner Jack Terhune, Administration of East Jersey State Prison, The Lifers' Group of East Jersey State Prison


  • Coordinating Producer: Priy Sinha
  • Packaging Produced by: Rodger Belknap, William Honkaner
  • MTV Communications: Marnie Malter
  • Public Affairs: Steve Friedman
  • Law & Business Affairs: George Eichen
  • Rights & Clearances: Jennifer Gershon
  • Network Standards: Janet Borelli
  • Executive Producers: Lauren Lazin, Dave Sirulnick


Comedian Tom Segura referenced Scared Straight '99 in his Netflix comedy special Tom Segura: Mostly Stories.


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