Scared Straight! 20 Years Later is a documentary created by Arnold Shapiro Productions. It is preceded by Scared Straight! (1978) and Scared Straight! 10 Years Later (1987). It served as the inspiration for Beyond Scared Straight. It aired on UPN on April 15, 1999. Narration for this documentary is provided by Danny Glover.[1]


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  • Written, Produced, and Directed by: Arnold Shapiro
  • Edited by: Sharon Rennert
  • Director of Photography: Jim Arnold
  • Sound: Bob Arnold, Brian Miklas, Damon Lance
  • Additional Camera: Elia Lyssy, Patrick Higgins
  • Production Coordinator: Kim Crabb
  • Researcher: Janine Iamunno
  • Production Consultant: Jean O'Neill
  • Production Executive: Lisa A. Higgins
  • Music by: John Thomas, Marie Maxwell
  • Post-Production Supervisor: Dana C. Arnett
  • Assistant Editors: Larry Shiver, Frank Strauss, Craig Vandeman
  • Business Administrator: Rickey Ackerman
  • Legal: Dixon Q. Dern, ESQ.
  • Production Associates: Marion "Butch" Sanders, Reinaldo Lopez, Ryan Abbott
  • On-Line Editor: George Creedle
  • Mixers: Paul Schremp, Troy Tatzko
  • Public Relations: The Lippin Group
  • Special Thanks to: The New Jersey Department of Corrections Comissioner Jack Terhune, Administration of East Jersey State Prison, Trenton State Prison, South Woods State Prison, The Lifers' Group of East Jersey State Prison, Falcon Investigations NA, Inc., Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department
  • Executive Consultant for Paramount Stations Group: Anthony Cassara


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